the match that didn’t take 20 minutes


for about three hours or so.
there was peace
the streets were almost empty,
the breeze, flowing freely
jeepney drivers compact in carinderias
security guards are all ears on their radios
people inside their homes
everyone huddling in front of the television
nobody flinches
silence, a drop of a hairstrand would echo like a carillon’s bronze bells
and there it is,
the glorious moment
everyone holds their breath
and then, down he goes
Pacquiao wins by K.O.
screams, shouts for joy, tears, cheers, happiness

a text message distracted me from enjoying a glorious turbo chicken during lunch time.

“..panalo daw si pacquiao…round 2 pa lang KO na si Hatton..”


i was amazed. i didn’t expect it to be that short.

i have been annoyed for the past few days with the east vs. west commercials. once again pacquiao’s face is all over television. and that vit water commercial? gawd, please. okay, sidetracking.

hindi ko inakala na ganoon kabilis matutumba ni Pacman si Hatton. Hanggang pagyabang lang pala si Hatton na yan. The Hitman daw siya. Oo, hitman nga, kasi siya ang man na nahihit ni Manny. (forgive the code-switching).

as i indicated above on the poetry-ish part, there was peace, and silence.
true enough, i have received yet another text message saying that during Manny’s fight, there was a crime rate of 0% in the country. wow, isn’t that just great? thanks to Pacman’s battle, the Filipinos postpone evil deeds and watch him box in the ring.

that’s the thing though, there is a need for a boxing match just to achieve the 0% on crime rates. after the match i guess, people proceed on what they were doing beforehand, right? the news reports say that the country was united during the fight. UNITED daw. UNITED? in what aspect? maybe united in cheering for Pacquiao. united in being proud that he represents our country. united in wanting Pacquiao to win.


so kailangan may laban na si Pacquaio everyday para walang krimen na nagaganap? kailangan na may laban si Pacquiao para masabi natin na united ang mga Pilipino? hindi naman di ba? HINDI dapat!

an excerpt from a friend’s blog entry:
“…question: if the country’s typical sunday morning does not include Pacquiao in a boxing ring against some other national, would we have the same sentiment?…”

anong klaseng mentality ang meron ang iba na sinasabi na sa tuwing may laban si Pacquiao, doon united ang mga tao? pagkatapos ng laban ni Manny, hindi na tayo united? ganun ba yung ibig nilang sabihin?

after Pacquiao’s fight people go on with the life they have, it was just a moment in each of our lives that we paused to watch one person beat another.

oo, nahinto ng konti ang krimen. oo, nabawasan aang traffic sa highway. oo, natigil ang digmaan sa mindanao. nagcoconcentrate masyado ang Pinoy sa laban, kung kaya’t panandaliang napatigil tayo sa ating mga gawain. pagkatapos ng laban, lalabas nanaman ang mga magnanakaw, aarangkada na ang mga jeep, balik giyera na.

..sidetrack..ironic, crime rates are 0 when there is some Filipino beating the hell out of a foreign boxer.

i agree with kuya dan that Pacquiao is an embodiment of an illusion of unity. we feel, or we assume that the whole country is united, just because of Pacquiao’s match.

hindi lamang si Pacquiao ang pwedeng mag-unite sa atin, pwedeng ako, pwedeng ikaw, pwede yung batang natutulog sa karton sa ilalim ng tulay, pwede din yung mamang may kariton na nangongolekta ng mga scrap. kahit sino pwede.

illusion of a unity. pekeng pagkakaisa.

breath mikee…
haha sorry ang haba.


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