where’s home?


halos buong buhay ko nasa Iloilo lang ako. minsan lalabas ng bansa, minsan babakasyon. pero minsan lang yun, hindi naman tumatagal, bumabalik pa rin ako.

ganito ang situations kung tulad mo ako na sa probinsiya lumaki.

noong bata pa ako, ang Manila ay isang lugar bakasyonan. pupunta lang ng maynila kapag may reunion, gagala, or babakasyon lang.

ngayon pag sinabing maynila, ibig sabihin balik eskwela na. haggard mode nanaman. pipila sa enrollment. o lilipat ng dorm. o mag-aayos na naman ng gamit. balik aral na. pasok sa klase. mag-eexam. bibili ng blue book. magccram.

noong bata pa ako, pag sinabing pupunta ka ng maynila, parang “WOW! MANILA!!!! ang yaman mo naman!”

ngayon, “ay babalik ka na sa manila? sige itext mo na lang ako kung kelan balik mo”

noon, “uy pupunta ka ng manila? eto tambo*, wala kasi silang ganun doon” *tambo is one of my favorite viands, it is made up of bamboo shoots, saluyot, okra, prawns, crabs, and coco milk* hahaha

ngayon, “eto Php****, ikaw na magbudget ng mga kakainin mo doon”

and the list goes on. [if you can relate to this, i bet you have your own situations]

one thing i realized is that, manila has become a home away from home. before there was some fear in me that i could not survive the urban life, but now i am at ease of spending time here, and just “visiting” home during breaks. i am not saying i do not want to go home anymore, still i do, i miss Iloilo so much, but i adapted to the urban lifestyle and i enjoy the freedom here. though Iloilo is now developing rapidly (more and more buildings, flyovers, malls, bars, cafes, and i heard a starbucks is being constructed right now), there is still a rural feel to it. i just cant explain it, parang may part pa kasi ng Iloilo na walang pollution hahahaha

one thing’s for sure, i would still like to have a home in Iloilo, i would want to feel some breeze into my hair, i would love to see my children and grandchildren run around the grass, if possible, i would want to pass away there and be buried there. i wouldn’t replace it for another place. it is where i belong. 😀


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