on EEE and Linux (this is not a review!) :D


Since my laptop was so f*cked up, i decided to let it cool down for a while and i bought a second hand EEE PC. It’s very much handy and literally as big as your notebook(i.e. Corona 152×216). I carry it around in my bag, not feeling any burden from the weight, unlike my Dell laptop which was pretty heavy(since its casing is made of magnesium!).

anyway, ive been searching the web for linux programs i can install in the laptop since its OS is a Linux. Just trying it out, and if it doesn’t suit me, i’d go back to my old friend mister Windows. I pretty much grew up with Windows, and now using Linux, its pretty overwhelming. It doesn’t have the old trusty start menu, but the active desktop is divided into 6 panels(pretty neat). it has this really cool voice command feature that i could just say “Computer Camera” and then the webcam would activate. im having fun exploring this, but im really missing my old laptop.

anyway, please tell me what you think about the EEE laptop, and Linux, or both 😀 it would really help me a lot if you could recommend somethings too 😀 thank you!


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