That train ride


I used to enjoy riding the MRT. It’s fast, convenient, and cheap. It’s airconditioned and it’s comfortable, it used to be comfortable. Nowadays the trains are jam-packed, hot and i feel stressed riding it. It’s really awkward standing there with your elbow or your arm pressed against another woman’s back or sometimes even their chest. Either you get stepped on or you step on someone else’s foot.

I used to feel relieved when i would be riding in the ladies cart and look at the next cart and people there are already pressed against the glass; whilst our cart is spacious enough for everyone to disco.

But look at this..If I feel like a sardine in our MRT, then again, I can’t imagine what the japanese passengers feel inside their train. They even have men who have to push the passengers inside!!!!!!!!

(Maybe our trains get cramped immediately cause we’re not exactly a size 0 country..LOL)


Tell me your thoughts

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