to the man i will watch sleeping.


Dear future man of my life,

Let me tell you this at the very beginning. I am crazy. Hell crazy, I make Lindsay Lohan look sane.

LOL. Not really. I’m not that kind of crazy. This is a different kind of crazy, a fun crazy.

I have dreamt of you many times. Though your face isn’t clear enough for me to distinguish, nor could i recall your name, but you’re always the same in each of those dreams.

You’re adorable and charming and a smooth talker. I would sit all day on the couch with you while we watch a Lakers vs. Celtics(or Heat). I even curse louder at the ref for not calling fouls. We would drive out to anywhere and get lost together. We would bungee jump off a bridge, and conquer mountains. We’d have a one-on-one basketball game, street style, and you always say you let me win, cause you don’t wanna admit you got beat by a woman.

Yes you are the man of my dreams, but I am pretty sure you do exist. You may not have all of the traits of my dreamboy, but I will love you for what you may be, for who you really are. Whatever it is that you have, it is what brought me to you, to making ‘us’.

I ask for your patience. And I do hope you have a whole lot, for I am stubborn at times, and I am a great procrastinator. Help me push myself to the edge, and challenge me.

Also, you need some patience for my mum’s approval. She would seem unapproachable at first, and she would glare at you at times, but get to know her, and talk to her, then you would definitely be friends.

Be patient with my friends for we are a crazy bunch. We kid around a lot and we’re all like open books, so I apologize in advance for whatever joke they make about you, even though it would be funny and I would still laugh. Joke with them, drink with them, hang out with them, chill with them. They pretty much are family to me, and I love them so.

Be patient for our children. Understand them and love them. I hope that you’d be as good with kids as I am, for I have dreamt you to be such a great dad. Play with them, even if you get home tired, tuck them to bed and kiss them goodnight. We would read them stories, and draw with them, dance and sing with them. I would be a stage mum to all their school plays, and you’d be the video dad, who’d get great seats to take good videos of his son being the lead and his daughter the ballerina.

I am not the princess you dreamed of rescuing when you were young;  this isn’t a fairytale, this is reality. I am just a mere someone; but I will be your someone, and you will be mine.

We will hold hands while walking, and kiss under the rain. We would take long walks on the shores, and I would sleep with my head on your chest. We will dance on our wedding night, and each and every night. I will cook you hearty breakfast and great dinners; then we’d wash the dishes together. Have a vacation in a foreign country and get lost in it.

I will wait for you, my dear. I have loved you, without meeting you, and that love would grow fonder each and everyday until the breeze brings us together. I will love you more after then; day and night.

So yes, I will keep dreaming, until you become a reality; then we could dream together.




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