(Your) Christmas Shopping List (for Me) :D


i intend to give rather than receive. but it never hurts to have a wishlist.

so here goes.

*World Peace

*Gray or Green Oxford Shoes (with or without heels) size 8-9

*Black or Gray Topsiders for women size 8.5-9

*Gray Trench Coat


*Euro Trip

*Seamless Underwear

*Cross Training Rubber Shoes size8.5-9.5(Nike Women)

*Red Pumps size 9

* Jewellery

*HP Tablet

*Original Adobe Premiere CS5

*African Tour

*South American Tour

*Surf Gear

*Diving Gear

*New Swimsuit


*Gymnastic Skills

*New Car (hello mum)

*Gas money

*Johnny Depp

*Yvonne Strahovski

*Robert Downy Jr.


*A Chrysler Car

*A Froyo Machine

*An LC+A






**you may give a gift that is not on the list 😀


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