Cravings (not the restaurant)


Last night (kind of..i slept at around 3am) i slept after being awake for more than 50 fucking hours. My weekend flew by without me noticing that it was Monday already. During that time I craved not for sleep, but I craved for dreams.

Today I woke up kind of sick. My nose was running all over the room. Water therapy works some other days, but not today. Back to sleep, my agenda for the day slowly slipping out of my mind. I craved for breakfast and a hug. It was cold for 10 in the morning.

Then at 11am I woke up out of habit, and panicked. Panicked that I forgot about Ace, panicked that I was going to be in big trouble, panicked that I woke up from a great dream. I craved for lunch and some Adam Levine.

We had Spam for lunch and I cooked our rice in a sauce pan. Yes, I truly believe there is a first for everything. After eating lunch I craved for something sweet and a stick.

The internet connection came back up at around 2pm while I was cutting some pins. 3pm I went online, of course opening the social network sites, then my mail, some random pages, some random pictures, some random blogs. I craved for blogging and new cameras.

And now, as I am typing, I am craving for some isaw at the same time. Multitasking at its best.

Cameras I am currently craving for. Let the saving begin!!!!

taken with loreo lens in a cap




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