Disastrous Beginning


Today i start a photo blog. I will post photos I have taken on the day itself or an old photo and I will be writing thoughts or blabber about my day just so I can release the bad vibes or share the good ones 😀

The UP Clean Teens

Yesterday a 7.4 magnitude quake hit Japan, and it has escalated to 8.9 today. The quake was intense enough to cause a tsunami in Japan. Coastal areas were attacked by 7 feet waves, aftershocks of the earthquake were still felt, and the tsunami wave recoil could be reach Australia and even South America.

I posted this picture why? Because two of the people in the picture, Aaron(boy wearing yellow green) and Grace(2nd row 3rd from right girl) are in Tokyo. I am utterly worried about their condition right now. I am sincerely praying for their safety.
I have received a reply from Aaron, and he said that he cannot contact Grace. I truly hope for their well-being. I hope God keeps them away from any harm, and give them the chance to get back home alive.

current feeling: anxiety


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