Tyler Posey - Ty in Maid in Manhattan

Remember this kid?
Remember Jennnifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes’ movie Maid in Manhattan?
This is Tyler Posey (Tyler Venturina), the son of Marisa Ventura in the movie. The adorable, and smart kid, who listened to the best of Bread and idolized Richard Nixon, is now five foot ten and with this gorgeous hair. He has a band called Lost in Kostco and he was almost Jacob Black in Twilight.

Ever since I have seen the movie, I had admired this kid. He was not at all handsome, but he had a feature like no other, and I like that. He was smart in the movie, and he is smart in real life. He is a Nixon fanatic and he is a bass guitarist. I suddenly googled him today because Maid in Manhattan was shown earlier today in Star Movies.

I’m happy I still remember this kid. He has truly amazed me that I certainly have not forgotten him.

Catch him in a new TV Series: Teen Wolf. (I know..)


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