Writing Skills, in Search Of


I have never imagined myself drafting a blog-to-be in a windows notepad. I have always put my thoughts on paper first, before publishing it on the vast abyss of the internet, where it could be copy-pasted, or snipped-and-edited by someone into a sentence with a different structure, but with the same thought, and make it theirs.

I envy people who can write constantly, and still entertain their readers; Jessica Zafra, Bob Ong, some of my friends, daily bloggers, project 365 (or whatever). They seem to have an endless stream of words to write, and they can easily put their thoughts into the typewritten symbols. I believe that could be my problem, I can’t put my thoughts into words; seems like what Mr. Leading Guy would say to his Ms. Leading Lady, but really, I sometimes have difficulty expressing what I have in mind. Which leads me to being misunderstood or doing a wrong interpretation of what I was really thinking about.

Writing they say is the easiest medium to show thoughts, but it seems that writing and I just don’t go well together. I try at times, and fail most of the time.


Tell me your thoughts

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