Ultimate Uyaya


Uyaya is a word from my native dialect which means procrastinator. And I am one. The ultimate. 

Before engaging in a task, I would sometimes do the craziest procrastinations: ride a bike around the village, and end up tiring myself so I would “rest” and set the alarm for a 15 minute nap, wake up 3 hours after, I go for a run thinking a breath of fresh air would induce my mind to into action, after the run I eat and go home and watch a movie because I’m not ready yet, I take a bath to calm my nerves, preparing my body before the task at hand, and yet after the bath I would fall asleep or end up going out and do something else. Just a few things I do, so you people wouldn’t judge me that much. 

So yeah, I am a procrastinator. Many of us are, many students are. It is a bad work ethic and I admit, my content is way better if I don’t procrastinate, but I can still deliver. 

My mother used to wake me up with “Hoy bugtaw na, uyaya ka guid ya, bangon na da, dalia.”

I wasn’t a procrastinator in high school, but I guess what people call you can turn you into it. So thanks mum. (Here I go blaming you again).


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