On Feeling Detached yet Missing my Friends, and Facebook Timeline



So my Facebook has transformed into the dreaded Timeline format without me being informed. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg, this totally sucks. I haven’t really ranted about this situation, even though I put up a status saying that the best gift Facebook can give me is to not turn my profile into the timeline.

Lewis told me that I skipped the other stages and went directly to the acceptance stage. I already put up a cover photo, hid some posts, etc. I’m trying my best to understand the timeline format, it’s too messy, everything’s all over the place. So yeah, this is me, not really ranting, but just letting it slide. 


My mum keeps forcing me to go home for the summer. I told her I’ll think about it, there are too many opportunities that I will miss if I do go home. I haven’t told her what I really want happen the next 8 weeks. So right now I just keep stalling her and make my stay in Manila a little bit longer.


So my friends got jobs now. Congratulations to them, I am truly happy and proud of them. The only downside to this is that we wouldn’t get to pursue the summer plans we had. Summer is the best way for us to travel, enjoy the beach, roam around, see sites, go on an adventure; but with them having to go to work throws the idea of a summer adventure out the window. I feel distant, and detached. Right now 4 of my friends live under one roof, which means mas magkakasama sila, mas pipiliin nilang gawin ang mga gawain doon sa kanila; kaysa pumunta kami sa dating pinupuntahan at gawin ang gawain na magkasama, mas makakapag-usap sila ng madalas, etc. The green eyed monster in me in starting to slither its way out. Mind you, it’s not that I don’t want them to be together, it’s just that I miss them more and more always, that’s why I feel detached. And now, I try to let myself get used to the idea that I will be left behind one day.


I think that missing too many people is one thing that depresses me. There’s Matt, who doesn’ta talk to me anymore; what kind of best friend doesn’t respond to messages? Fine, I still forgive him, but I seem pathetic. He’s too busy getting the girl of his dreams, and once again, I am left alone. 

I miss mum. She makes me miss her a lot. She keeps texting me, and I try to ignore her but when I don’t answer her calls she starts worrying about me, thinking that I might have been in another accident or something. That’s why I miss her, I miss being taken care of. Because here, I am alone, and I take care of myself, only me.

I miss my G223 girls, I miss my Clean Teens, and I definitely miss my Clingies, even though we are together most days. 


Maybe I’m too emotional because I have my period. Okay, now I feel like I’ve said to much. I have to go now. 


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