A Different Kind of May


So April is approaching its end, and here comes May. It’s my other favorite month (December is the other one). Why, you may ask? Well it’s my birth month, and May means summer (aka dry season) in the Philippines; ergo BEACH!! Birthday, beach, gifts, money $$, booze, more beach, more gifts, birthday cake… I could die at the end of next month.

But that’s not all that’ll be happening. The title says “a different kind of may”, so if you would let me explain, here goes…

  • It’s the first time I will be teaching little kids how to swim. Officially. I’ve been teaching my cousins and some friends how to swim since, ever, but this year it’s kind of different because my “students” will be strangers. I’m totally excited because 1) I love to swim and I’d love to share the passion 2) I love teaching. So yeah, first awesome thing!
  • I’m going to Davao City, which makes me so giddy. I will get to see the awesomeness of my friends’ hometown, plus I could go visit them. Hopefully I can find a spot in my schedule to go to Karlos’ coffee shop and hang out with Rev.
  • I will be diving. Again. It’s been so long since my last dive (a year ago?), and I can’t wait to get to the dive camp. One more thing different about this: we will go there twice. Awesome awesome awesome
  • I have to renew my driver’s license, hence I can finally change that stupid mugshot of mine. I promise I will smile on this picture. I don’t wanna look like a criminal. I can’t believe I’ve been “legally” driving for three years now, the years before that were, of course, illegal haha.

So far, these are the only sure ones that are going to happen. But I still have a reunion to organize, and a birthday bash to plan, so yeah, I’ll be really, really busy. Oooooooh I forgot to mention, I’ll be watching the Playoffs too (begins April 29).

Bye for now.

P.S. I hope my mother doesn’t kill me when she sees the current state of my hair. Image

(4 weeks ago)


(3 weeks ago)

I can’t find pictures from 2 weeks ago and last week, but I my hair color has mutated, AGAIN. huuuuuu :3


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