Finally 🙂

Sankage Steno

Inspired by an Inquirer article. 

It was an amazing experience talaga. I was standing on the platform of the Q. Ave station of the MRT. I saw these many, many middle-class tao who make siksik themselves on the yellow tiles. I was surprised coz it’s so dangerous kaya. But I came to realize how brave the Filipinos pala. Imagine, standing on the edge of the platform for a train ride — that’s like something!

And when the train finally arrived, all of them made sakay the MRT, as in mega push to insert their bodies. I was like, Whoa! Is that even for real? It’s so nakakabilib. Why is everybody so keen on rubbing elbows with everyone? Are they even rich and famous like me? At first, I was a bit inis to them because it was so barbaric to the eyes. But then I came to this deep…

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