Friends and Paint


The semester is starting to end (yeauh) and now I am left alone because each friend has a paper to do, or an exam to study for, or has to catch some nap time before their shift starts.

It seems that our group has not had the time to hang out as much, unlike before (even branding our group “Clingies”). Two have graduated from the University, five of us are working (part-time and full-time), the rest are still studying.

Clingies no more, I guess.
But still in touch, since most of my friends are now BBgirls, they have immediate access to each other, and everyone is always just a text away. But being virtually together does not live up to being together in person.

I think I just miss them too much, that I am actually blogging about them. And I keep cooping myself inside our newly painted house, I sometime feel high when I wake up in the morning.

(Here I go jumping into topic after topic).

Ugh, bye.


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