I really hope I will be wiser this time


So my birthday is approaching and I keep telling my family to not cook and celebrate; I would very much appreciate it if they just let the day pass by.

May is the month when kids around our barangay take everyone’s flowers. It’s flores season, and good thing our little garden outside the gate got torn apart by DPWH and we had to transfer our callalily plants inside, or else it would have been plucked out.

Anyway, I convinced my mother last Sunday to help me feed the flores goers on my birthday instead of having a handa in our house. Yay!

Secretly though I still wish for irrational (and some rational) presents to be given to me. So here is my birthday wish list, that nobody in my family could actually read and so they couldn’t give it to me.

Yes I am ironic.

(In no particular order)



  • Budget for a new tattoo.

And of course this will be a secret from my mother.

  • The Gigantes Adventure to push through

We’ve been planning this trip since last year, and we had one attempt last April, but we were stopped just moments before leaving the house. So I really wish, even if it doesn’t happen this month, that this adventure will happen.

  • New rubber boots

Philippines. Monsoon season. Nuff said.

  • Enough money in the world to buy Toms for all the children and feed them

If only I were Tony Stark.

  • New Keds sneakers

New sneakers. Everyday. 365 pairs in a year. Hallelujah!

  • Endless supply of my favorite juice


  • A free sofa

L_shaped_fabric_sofa_bed sofa-bed-L-640x341   I wish sofa beds weren’t expensive here. Plus, I really wish there was an IKEA in our country.

  • Instant ballet skills

One big frustration of mine is ballet. Why, Mum?! Why???

  • Unlimited Travel Money

Because I sometimes dream that my life is one big Amazing Race.

  • Discipline

I need more.

  • World’s most durable flats

I want strong yet comfortable flats. The average lifespan of my flats are 2 years. And that’s not enough for me, I want them to endure longer. Besides, buying new ones every year is not practical (for me)


This tan-colored flat from Steve Madden is perfect for any kind of occasion and the loafer seems comfortable on the inside.



These colors from Tory Burch show my girly girl side.

  • A birthday greeting from The Maverick

The first time I saw him fight (March 2012) I immediately had this crazy feeling of admiration for the guy. And ever since, I’ve been stalking him (online): watching out for his next fights, his beards, his weird selfies, his training, everything. I am obsessed with this man, he’s a great fighter, a great individual, and I’ve never seen dedication as good as his.

Plus, I have a weakness for guys with facial hair.

TUFLiveOpenWorkoutsWM-7887 chiesa-larsen-fight-0-417 Michael_Chiesa




* I do not own any of the photos shown above.  All material belongs to their respective owners. 

** Images were taken from Google


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