You’re No Cory


Utot mo Nancy!

Sankage Steno

Dahil karamihan sa mga botante ay nakaboto na, sa wakas ay mailalabas ko na rin ang aking saloobin sa isang taong matagal ko nang gustong tirahin sa blog ko pero di ko magawa dahil dagdag publicity sa kanya yun, at ayokong mapag-usapan sya lalo.

Pero dahil patapos na naman ang botohan ngayon araw, at wala na ring magagawa ‘tong blog ko sa kanya, good or bad, na maaaring makapagdala sa kanya sa Senado, I think it’s the perfect time para tirahin ko na ang anak ng Bise Presidente ng bansa.

Sa totoo lang, may karapatang tumakbo si Nancy bilang senador. Ako rin, meron. Pero hindi ko talaga masikmurang mas mataas pa sya sa survey kesa kay Risa Hontivero na di himak namang mas deserving ng Senate seat kesa sa kanya. Porke Binay lang, panalo na agad? How bobo naman ng mga tao.


Well, I’m pretty sure malaki ang chance…

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I really hope I will be wiser this time


So my birthday is approaching and I keep telling my family to not cook and celebrate; I would very much appreciate it if they just let the day pass by.

May is the month when kids around our barangay take everyone’s flowers. It’s flores season, and good thing our little garden outside the gate got torn apart by DPWH and we had to transfer our callalily plants inside, or else it would have been plucked out.

Anyway, I convinced my mother last Sunday to help me feed the flores goers on my birthday instead of having a handa in our house. Yay!

Secretly though I still wish for irrational (and some rational) presents to be given to me. So here is my birthday wish list, that nobody in my family could actually read and so they couldn’t give it to me.

Yes I am ironic.

(In no particular order)



  • Budget for a new tattoo.

And of course this will be a secret from my mother.

  • The Gigantes Adventure to push through

We’ve been planning this trip since last year, and we had one attempt last April, but we were stopped just moments before leaving the house. So I really wish, even if it doesn’t happen this month, that this adventure will happen.

  • New rubber boots

Philippines. Monsoon season. Nuff said.

  • Enough money in the world to buy Toms for all the children and feed them

If only I were Tony Stark.

  • New Keds sneakers

New sneakers. Everyday. 365 pairs in a year. Hallelujah!

  • Endless supply of my favorite juice


  • A free sofa

L_shaped_fabric_sofa_bed sofa-bed-L-640x341   I wish sofa beds weren’t expensive here. Plus, I really wish there was an IKEA in our country.

  • Instant ballet skills

One big frustration of mine is ballet. Why, Mum?! Why???

  • Unlimited Travel Money

Because I sometimes dream that my life is one big Amazing Race.

  • Discipline

I need more.

  • World’s most durable flats

I want strong yet comfortable flats. The average lifespan of my flats are 2 years. And that’s not enough for me, I want them to endure longer. Besides, buying new ones every year is not practical (for me)


This tan-colored flat from Steve Madden is perfect for any kind of occasion and the loafer seems comfortable on the inside.



These colors from Tory Burch show my girly girl side.

  • A birthday greeting from The Maverick

The first time I saw him fight (March 2012) I immediately had this crazy feeling of admiration for the guy. And ever since, I’ve been stalking him (online): watching out for his next fights, his beards, his weird selfies, his training, everything. I am obsessed with this man, he’s a great fighter, a great individual, and I’ve never seen dedication as good as his.

Plus, I have a weakness for guys with facial hair.

TUFLiveOpenWorkoutsWM-7887 chiesa-larsen-fight-0-417 Michael_Chiesa




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** Images were taken from Google

Sugar We’re Going Down


Asking me to be your girlfriend through text
Nuff said.

Young and stupid (at least in my case)
We were in high school, and hormones were soaring. I was drunk at the thought that we were graduating and moving on with our lives, going to different colleges, on different regions. You weren’t stupid, I knew that. It was you who asked me, and I just said ‘yes’ because maybe I was stupid. “Will you be my girlfriend?” “Yes.” I wasn’t thinking things through, I didn’t consider the consequences, I was just living in the moment.

20,000 leagues apart
Distance (absence) makes the heart grow fonder. That was what I kept telling myself. I was hoping you believed in the same thought, but I realized that absence, or distance, only makes the heart forget, explore alternatives, makes you find something, or someone, to fill the gap.

Me vs. Ex
You said you liked me, that we could happen. But then you said the same thing to her two days after you told me that.

A secret affair
We would date, talk about movies, especially those from graphic novels. We would have intellectual debates over beer, appreciate art, talk about Chris Nolan, talk about anything. I was happy, you were happy. But I was the mistress. I was your “girlfriend” only in school, and when you went home, there was your “real girlfriend”; the girlfriend you introduced to your mother. The sneakiness of our relationship was exciting, it was something new for me. But we, or rather I, had to put a cork on it. I felt guilty, wrong, dirty. I felt that you were being unfair, to me, and especially to her. Maybe in another universe, we had worked it out.

I may be the girl in front of you, but she was the one in your mind
Even though you told me I was funny, nice, sweet, and awesome – even if I was all the positive superlatives in the universe, I could never be that girl you think of. I can never compete with that girl. She was what he dreams of every night, and I’m just… me.

Me vs. Ex part two
It’s funny because your friends from before were rooting for you and your ex to go back together again, (cue “Muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-ibig) while our friends were rooting for us to be together. I felt like an option, and what I wanted (in my mind) was to be the choice. At least, we’re still friends and who knows what could happen…

Fooling around with me… And her, and her
I did not understand myself why I tolerated those sexy texts and sneaky meet ups. Even worse, I knew the other girls you were “playing” with. If the call is after two thirty, it’s for the dirrrrrty. – Han, 2 Broke Girls. Aaaaand worst, I know that he is in love with another girl, yet he just can’t do the things we do, with her.

Bi now, gay later

Should I even explain this?

It was a fun ride with him, and even though we now ogle at the same sex, we are still great friends. Shopping buddies!!